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Saturday, 03:41 Uhr

The Palace of Malia

Distance from hotel: 2.0 km

A palace, dating from the Middle Bronze Age, was destroyed by an earthquake during the Late Bronze Age; Knossos and other sites were also destroyed at that time. The palace was later rebuilt toward the end of the Late Bronze Age.

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Distance from hotel: 20.0 km

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Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Distance from hotel: 27.7 km

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is one the great museums of Greece and the best in the world regarding the Minoan art as it contains the most notable and complete collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization of Crete.

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The palast of Knossos

Distance from hotel: 33.0 km

The ruins at Knossos were discovered in 1878 by Minos Kalokairinos, a Cretan merchant and antiquarian.

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Samaria Gorge

Distance from hotel: 134.8 km

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